Thursday, May 7, 2009

Outfits I actually have!

Instead of assembling outfits I want or dream of, I decided to show off what I do have. While looking for replicas on I realized that I have a lot typical trends...

Overall my MUSTS are:
Pencil Skirts
Anything High waist-ed
Hair Bands

A day date

Here is what I wear to a date/school/hanging with the girls. Of course, this is way too dressed up for West Coast. Cannot wait for NYC!

Beaching it out

SO while in Hawaii I assembled this outfit for fun and totally love it! Add a nice patterned and light fabric top (the longer the better) with shorts (beige, brown, and black). Then add some flip flops or slippers and do not forget an accessory. As they do in Hawaii, I decided a flower would be fitting. If you do have a signature accessory, by all means, put it on!

My Birthday Dress

For my birthday I decided to wear this for a trendy and hipster event in H Wood in Hollywood. As you can tell, my tights, bangles, and head band were clearly my signature pieces.

Anyways, that's what I got and that's that!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Off to the working world without a thing to wear?!

Yes, it's time for me to leave University and I am in desperate need of office wear clothes. Of course, with the recession, I've added another series of ways to stay cheap and classy. Simply use clothes that can be used for both formal and informal purposes (i.e. blouses, pumps, pencil skirts and more)!

Ready to save big for the working world? Here it is:

School to work
School to work by claw333 featuring Alex Monroe necklaces

Just reuse the shirt and bag and you are set! Remember the more conservative at work the better but don't forget to add some flair! How? Maybe a nice embellishment on the shoes or jewelry? Up to your personal style.

Red, white, and work!

Day out to Office
Day out to Office by claw333 featuring Miu Miu shoulder bags

Just reuse that adorable but office-y bag, cardigan, and more to set off an office and casual look!

A little prim & proper can never hurt

Out & about=>office
Out & about=>office by claw333 featuring Forever21 rings

Again, cardigans are a must and pencil skirts are to die for. Easy on the accessories and you are ready to go!

Overall here is what you can convert over to the office:
Blouses-not too funky but you can feminize it up a little with minor details like lace, patterns, and such.
Pencil Skirts
High Waist-ed pants (black, MAYBE khaki, and tweed)
Blazer (Keep it mellow and neutral)
Mary Janes

Hope that helps!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Running out of club wear? Just reuse!

I can finally and gladly announce that I have been accepted to Americorp City Year NYC! Although I am still thinking it all through, If I go there will be a 100% chance I will be flat broke. This means all my money must go to food, rent, and taxes. This also means my nightlife will have to be limited. Alcohol being one but most unfortunately my clothes! However, while looking through my closet, I realized with just a few accessories and creativity, you can get away with anything!

Office life=> Nightlife
Office to Club
Office to Club - by claw333 on

Pick a high waisted or pencil skirt and pair it with different accessories! For the office, wear a nice blouse, proper shoes, & conservative jewelry. Then, if you are on the go, just throw on some bangles, a shiny shirt, flashy shoes, and you're off for a night of clubbing.

Night to day
Day to Night pt. 1
Day to Night pt. 1 - by claw333 on
Instead of the usual day to night, sometimes one parties too hard and finds oneself in a compromising position. Then early the next day, one has a doctor's appointment or work and therefore need to dress in a blink of an eye! We've all been there. So what can you do? The answer: just throw off all the jewelry, change shoes, and remove makeup (unless you like that Kate Moss look). Then, add on tights, jacket, and proper shoes.

Fancy event to a nightclub event...
Club to Posh
Club to Posh - by claw333 on
One dress for two events?! It's a little too good to be true! First put on elegant accessories, a broach, and keep it classy. Then, when off to the clubs just throw it all off and replace the accessories with something shiny, flashy, and fabulous!

Overall, just remember, if you have an idea do not be afraid to just try it out, mix and match, and get creative!

Who knows? Maybe you can save yourself a buck or two!

That's that!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Seasonal missmatch

As the recession is quite evident, I thought I might give a money saving fashion tip:
The art of Re-using your clothes:
For example. Seasonal wear is difficult but with the right attitude and creativity, your wardrobe can work for any season!

What I like to do is get something that is seasonal (summer dress, tights, boots, flowery stuff) and mix it up. For example, if you are a fall person (like me) who likes darker colors and semi warm clothing, I would suggest using those colors, mixing it with sandals, adding a beach bag.

This takes a lot of creativity and time (along with playing fashion show in front of the mirror) but with a little luck you'll not only look fabulous but also have some extra cash.

Summer dress for the winter!

Summer for Winter
Summer for Winter - by claw333 on
If you are like me and have a ton of summer dresses which are not needed in the cold weather, simply pair it up with a jacket, scarf, tights, and other warm clothing. Boots, mary-janes, and warm foot wear is recommended. Also, tights are a must unless you have skinny jeans. Those work even better!

Spring for Summer

Spring for Summer
Spring for Summer - by claw333 on
Not a very hard transition or mix because these seasons are close together. However, when you are still used to the breeze and the bloom of spring, its hard to adjust to the heat wave of summer. So what can you do? Just use that flowery skirt, pair with light cardigan, and sandals! Don't forget a bikini and beach bag for those fabulous beach trips.

Spring for fall
Spring for Fall
Spring for Fall - by claw333 on
As I get fall withdrawals, I like to think of other seasonal things and pair it off with fall clothing. My suggestion is bright and warm colors with a neutral. Along with tights (of course!), boots (or mary janes), and a sassy fall color bag.

Anyways, hope that helps you save cash, gain some creativity, and re-think those hibernating articles of clothing in your closet!

That's that!

Sets inspired by shoes

I was shoe shopping the other day and realized my love for lace-y shoes! These are fabulous shoes as they are versatile and gorgeous. Versatile, you ask? Yup, you can use it for the office to spruce up that dull pant suit or take it out on the night on the town. Lace-y shoes are also great for feminizing (or emasculating, in another sense) an outfit and therefore creating a Katherine Hepburn look. Anyways here are some random and silly outfits I made...

Red shoes!
Two famous colors in one
Two famous colors in one - by claw333 on

So red and black has got to be the sexiest combo of colors since forever. Hhere is a way to go to day to night outfit!

Black shoes!

So classy, we needed a butler
So classy, we needed a butler - by claw333 on

Just fooling around with polyvore. Again, red and black along with a lace explosion!

Beige/ white shoes
CLassy? - by claw333 on
Need sprucing for the work place? Here you go, accessories are optional but for work pick classics that are plain, simple, but timeless.

That's that!