Monday, April 6, 2009

Off to the working world without a thing to wear?!

Yes, it's time for me to leave University and I am in desperate need of office wear clothes. Of course, with the recession, I've added another series of ways to stay cheap and classy. Simply use clothes that can be used for both formal and informal purposes (i.e. blouses, pumps, pencil skirts and more)!

Ready to save big for the working world? Here it is:

School to work
School to work by claw333 featuring Alex Monroe necklaces

Just reuse the shirt and bag and you are set! Remember the more conservative at work the better but don't forget to add some flair! How? Maybe a nice embellishment on the shoes or jewelry? Up to your personal style.

Red, white, and work!

Day out to Office
Day out to Office by claw333 featuring Miu Miu shoulder bags

Just reuse that adorable but office-y bag, cardigan, and more to set off an office and casual look!

A little prim & proper can never hurt

Out & about=>office
Out & about=>office by claw333 featuring Forever21 rings

Again, cardigans are a must and pencil skirts are to die for. Easy on the accessories and you are ready to go!

Overall here is what you can convert over to the office:
Blouses-not too funky but you can feminize it up a little with minor details like lace, patterns, and such.
Pencil Skirts
High Waist-ed pants (black, MAYBE khaki, and tweed)
Blazer (Keep it mellow and neutral)
Mary Janes

Hope that helps!