Thursday, November 27, 2008

Silver Screen to everyday fashion...

Besides time eras, friends, and events going on in my life (look at previous posts), I always tend to get inspiration from films. Whether it is a classic film or something just plain indie, you can always get a fashion epiphany from a character's necklace, fashion sense, or outfit. Here are some of my favorite movies and the outfits they inspired!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Everybody's Gotta Learn sometime... by claw333
A little funky and very much what Clem would wear. Also made sure I got the vintage necklace and the infamous orange jacket!


Vertigo by claw333
A classic followed by a classy outfit. Vertigo, a fabulous movie, is more than suspenseful but also a great movie for fabulous fashions! This outfit was inspired by the one scene with the green glow (those who have seen it know exactly what I am talking about).

And lastly...
Darjeeling Limited

Where do you go to my lovely... by claw333
A little West mixed with East. Not to mention green and a mixture of colors! This outfit is actually inspired by the mood and setting of this hilarious Wes Anderson flick. My interpretation? Add some Indian accessories with some western classics (plaid, boots, and antique jewelry).

Any suggestions??

That's that I suppose!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Besides the 60s, 70s, and all, I absolutely love 20s evening wear. Always sexy but with a flair of spunk and trouble. Here are some outfits I put together for any occasion (even casual)!

Speakeasy Flapper

Roaring 20s by claw333
Went to a speakeasy this fall break and had a blast! This is what I should have been wearing. Feathers, boots, and the perfect chandelier earrings!


Flapper Casual by claw333

For those who don't want it too costume-y, here is a toned down version. Just add loose dress, long sleeve undershirt, hat, ankle boots, and a looping necklace for kicks! The bag is optional but adds a little fun, don't you think?

Lastly, Roaring 20s (costume/themed evening)

20s again by claw333
Fur is optional (if you are an animal lover, feel free to opt out). If you are feeling a little more masculine or risky, feel free to add a leather jacket (think Amelia Earhart).

That's that for the 20s! What do you think?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Elections & missmatching

Despite the fact that this is a fashion blog, I still believe it is essential to bring up election day! First off, thank god it is Obama. As a democrat, this is exciting and about time! As for what he represents, he does not represent all "minorities" (just being African American does not constitute as representing all Asians, Latinos, women, homosexual population and Native americans) but he does give hope for all groups of people who are being oppressed in this country today. A minority woman, myself, his accomplish gives me great pride. Thank you America for coming to your senses. Because of Obama I won't be using my dual citizenship anytime soon!

As for California props, I must say we did put a good fight against prop 8 but alas, this country is still not ready yet. I voted against 8 because love is love. To deny someone love and to control their PERSONAL life that has nothing to do with anyone else is unacceptable to me. Typical, really. But it was a close fight. Nevertheless, congrats on no on Prop 4 ( I interned with Planned parenthood on that) and yes on 1, 2, &3!

ANYWAYS...on to fashion!

As you can tell, matching is very out. As it should have been a long time ago. To match a little is acceptable as long as it is not overdone. Unfortunately, people tend to go too far and it becomes ridiculous. This is a guide to miss-matching in a fashionable sense!

Missy match

missymatch by claw333

Want to miss-match in a classy way? Start with a base of neutrals (white/black/beige/Grey) but add on some wacky colors for a bang (pants, bangle, bag). Match a little with some but do not be afraid to be daring!

Hippie Miss-match

missmatch2 by claw333
Pick three contrasting colors and here you go! When you are adventurous like this, make sure not to over do it and to add pieces that are less powerful (i.e. vest and jacket).

Miss-Match Daring

Missmatch by claw333
Another way to miss-match is to pick one piece and have separate aspects that match with it. My "one piece" was the skirt with red and blue. Then a threw in the mutard tights but toned it down with the black shirt and the Grey cardigan.

Try it out if you wish and tell me how it goes! That's that!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Invest in a vest....Literally!

Vests are in and love em'. Although some may say it is a short lived trend, I think it is classy and timeless. However, can you use one vest for different outfits? I say yes! Here is how!


Vest set one by claw333

Because I am kinda boy shape, I need a skirt that flares out and some tights. For the top I suggest something feminine or loose and funky with loads of prints. Accessorize however you like but I personally love a scarf or a nice necklace.


Office work by claw333
For the office keep it simple but not mundane. You can work some color but do not go crazy. Also with the jewelry, keep it modest unless you work in a liberal setting. Other than that this can go with flats (if casual fridays) or pumps!

Date/bars/out and about

Vest for Out and about by claw333
Keep it flirty and fun! Remember that the vest is a very masculine piece of clothing! If you want to look masculine go ahead by all means. However, if you want something in the middle or more feminine just add ruffles, frills, or anything bouncy or light! Accessorize how you like and heels are a must!

Well, that is that for the vests. Although I love vests, really, there is no need for five types in different designs. Chances are the vest is a trend. However, it is how you dress it and how it makes you feel that can make it ultimately timeless.

And that's that!