Thursday, November 27, 2008

Silver Screen to everyday fashion...

Besides time eras, friends, and events going on in my life (look at previous posts), I always tend to get inspiration from films. Whether it is a classic film or something just plain indie, you can always get a fashion epiphany from a character's necklace, fashion sense, or outfit. Here are some of my favorite movies and the outfits they inspired!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Everybody's Gotta Learn sometime... by claw333
A little funky and very much what Clem would wear. Also made sure I got the vintage necklace and the infamous orange jacket!


Vertigo by claw333
A classic followed by a classy outfit. Vertigo, a fabulous movie, is more than suspenseful but also a great movie for fabulous fashions! This outfit was inspired by the one scene with the green glow (those who have seen it know exactly what I am talking about).

And lastly...
Darjeeling Limited

Where do you go to my lovely... by claw333
A little West mixed with East. Not to mention green and a mixture of colors! This outfit is actually inspired by the mood and setting of this hilarious Wes Anderson flick. My interpretation? Add some Indian accessories with some western classics (plaid, boots, and antique jewelry).

Any suggestions??

That's that I suppose!

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