Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Invest in a vest....Literally!

Vests are in and love em'. Although some may say it is a short lived trend, I think it is classy and timeless. However, can you use one vest for different outfits? I say yes! Here is how!


Vest set one by claw333

Because I am kinda boy shape, I need a skirt that flares out and some tights. For the top I suggest something feminine or loose and funky with loads of prints. Accessorize however you like but I personally love a scarf or a nice necklace.


Office work by claw333
For the office keep it simple but not mundane. You can work some color but do not go crazy. Also with the jewelry, keep it modest unless you work in a liberal setting. Other than that this can go with flats (if casual fridays) or pumps!

Date/bars/out and about

Vest for Out and about by claw333
Keep it flirty and fun! Remember that the vest is a very masculine piece of clothing! If you want to look masculine go ahead by all means. However, if you want something in the middle or more feminine just add ruffles, frills, or anything bouncy or light! Accessorize how you like and heels are a must!

Well, that is that for the vests. Although I love vests, really, there is no need for five types in different designs. Chances are the vest is a trend. However, it is how you dress it and how it makes you feel that can make it ultimately timeless.

And that's that!

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