Friday, February 6, 2009

Sets inspired by shoes

I was shoe shopping the other day and realized my love for lace-y shoes! These are fabulous shoes as they are versatile and gorgeous. Versatile, you ask? Yup, you can use it for the office to spruce up that dull pant suit or take it out on the night on the town. Lace-y shoes are also great for feminizing (or emasculating, in another sense) an outfit and therefore creating a Katherine Hepburn look. Anyways here are some random and silly outfits I made...

Red shoes!
Two famous colors in one
Two famous colors in one - by claw333 on

So red and black has got to be the sexiest combo of colors since forever. Hhere is a way to go to day to night outfit!

Black shoes!

So classy, we needed a butler
So classy, we needed a butler - by claw333 on

Just fooling around with polyvore. Again, red and black along with a lace explosion!

Beige/ white shoes
CLassy? - by claw333 on
Need sprucing for the work place? Here you go, accessories are optional but for work pick classics that are plain, simple, but timeless.

That's that!

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