Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bring in the funk

Just came back from post-xmas shopping and got a few awesome pieces from H&M for 5-10 bucks. I got so excited that I decided to make some outfits to celebrate. Before I start, however, how can you be funky without looking like a crazy person? Well, besides confidence, charm, and witty inteligence, here are some outfits (along with levels of funky).

Here it is:


Funk 2 by claw333

If you are new to the indie mod scene, try something basic but mix it up with the accessories. This outfit is casual but fun. Be careful though, feathers and all may be fun but accessories are to accompany your outfit, not to overwhelm it.

Funky Chic/medium

Funk 1 by claw333
Little more daring but still very clean and polished. This outfit is nice for a casual Fridays or out in the bars in the more trendy areas. The ankle boots are optional but remember that heels are a must as they lengthen those legs!

Funkidelic/expert (so to speak...)

Funk 3 by claw333
Takes guts but I am totally going to pull this off one day. Anyways, this is for those who live in urban-y areas or tolerate slight hipster (or H&M divided look). Personally, I love it but sometimes it is not for everyone. Just get a mini skirt, belt, make it high and add with a blouse. Be careful with the skirt, however. Always make sure you can bend down or else you'll be showing a little more than wanted.

That's that. Cannot wait for 09!

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