Thursday, May 7, 2009

Outfits I actually have!

Instead of assembling outfits I want or dream of, I decided to show off what I do have. While looking for replicas on I realized that I have a lot typical trends...

Overall my MUSTS are:
Pencil Skirts
Anything High waist-ed
Hair Bands

A day date

Here is what I wear to a date/school/hanging with the girls. Of course, this is way too dressed up for West Coast. Cannot wait for NYC!

Beaching it out

SO while in Hawaii I assembled this outfit for fun and totally love it! Add a nice patterned and light fabric top (the longer the better) with shorts (beige, brown, and black). Then add some flip flops or slippers and do not forget an accessory. As they do in Hawaii, I decided a flower would be fitting. If you do have a signature accessory, by all means, put it on!

My Birthday Dress

For my birthday I decided to wear this for a trendy and hipster event in H Wood in Hollywood. As you can tell, my tights, bangles, and head band were clearly my signature pieces.

Anyways, that's what I got and that's that!

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