Thursday, October 30, 2008

With a little help from my friends

How is it always Audrey, Marilyn, or Grace Kelly that sets up inspiration? Or if you are the brand type, its inspiration fromVera Wang, Marc Jacobs, or Ralph Lauren? Although I love all that stuff, I feel that anything can inspire your fashion or just way of living. For me (for fashion at least), my friends have inspired me greatly. Not only has their fashion taste inspired my own but also their ideas, hearts, and minds that have affected me greatly. So here is for the loves of my life.

NYU chic

Totally Jasmine. It's urban. It's funky. It's tough. Very her. Totally inspired me that power and confidence can also be fashionable and fun.

NYunique by claw333

L.A. Bohemian Proper

A Kate classic. She's a hippie but still a good girl at heart. If there is anything she's taught me its how to get a great price on ANYTHING. Thank god for thrift shopping.

L.A. Bohemian Proper by claw333

NorCal Casual

This is screaming Liz. Very colorful, vibrant, and cheerful. This girl has definitely taught me that primary colors can work together. Not to mention the fact that a smile is an accessory for any fabulous outfit.

NorCal Casual by claw333

Hawaiian Goddess

Jojo, a Native of Hawaii and proud of it, has taught me that bold prints, colors, and all are always in style. Also, this jewelry queen always reminds me to accessorize!

Hawaiian Goddess by claw333

Well, that's that. Any comments? Feel free!

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Jasmine said...

Hahah, loving that New York outfit!! The glasses are a nice touch ;)